NHBT is supporting Sharsheret in an end-of-year fundraiser! 

Sharsheret is a nonprofit organization that supports men and women facing breast and ovarian cancer, and those who are at increased genetic risk for carrying a gene mutation. Sharsheret provides free emotional support, access to a genetic counselor, financial subsidies, life-saving education and more. You can learn more about Sharsheret here.  

By donating to NHBT through this Sharsheret fundraiser page, a portion of your donation will go to Sharsheret, and a portion will go to NHBT. 

We’re working with Sharsheret because we believe Jewish organizations should support one another. At NHBT, our mission is to connect Jewish students from across the country and expand the Jewish community. Solidarity strengthens a community more than anything else, and we stand in solidarity with Sharsheret.
Help us make a difference in people’s lives. No one should struggle alone.