Our Partnership with the Kosher Cookie Company

           This year, National Hillel Basketball Tournament is thrilled to be partnering with the Kosher Cookie Company. The Kosher Cookie Company provides luxury cookies for holidays and special events. Additionally, you can purchase your own custom-made cookies. They also have traditional sugar cookies for when you simply want a sweet treat! The Kosher Cookie Company will deliver the cookies to you through USPS priority rate mail to ensure that your cookies arrive to your home safely. Their kitchen is dairy free, so anyone with a dairy allergy/intolerance can enjoy these cookies as well.

           National Hillel Basketball Tournament is dedicated to providing team members with a weekend full of amazing memories while providing high-quality food. Similarly, the Kosher Cookie Company is committed to providing cookies tailored to customers’ preferences that will satisfy both their wants and tastebuds. It is because of this commitment to their customers that National Hillel Basketball Tournament  is excited to be working with the Kosher Cookie Company. If you would like to place an order with them, you can reach them at https://www.koshercookiecompany.com/ or at hello@thekoshercookiecompany.com.