Our Partnership with MoDate

            This year, National Hillel Basketball Tournament is excited to be partnering with MoDate. MoDate - The Mutual Friend You Wish You Had - is the hottest up and coming Modern Orthodox dating platform. MoDate scales up the process of setting up friends while providing a private dating solution for Modern Orthodox individuals. Evan Harris and Menachem Losev started MoDate in the Spring of 2021 and the platform has since grown to over 1,000 Modern Orthodox users and is available in both the United States and Israel. As MoDate has grown so have the various offerings that come with MoDate such as MoDating Vouchers, MoDate Events, and The MoPod, a podcast about various Modern Orthodox topics and current events, hosted by Evan Harris.

            National Hillel Basketball Tournament is dedicated to bringing people together and creating a sense of community. Similarly, MoDate aims to develop a community of like-minded individuals with similar backgrounds and to destigmatize everything that surrounds dating. It is because of their commitment to bring everyone together that NHBT is excited to be working with an amazing organization like MoDate. If you or a friend/family member is interested in getting involved with MoDate, you can find out more info at MoDate.org or follow MoDate on Instagram @MoDate613. Pump the Volume!