Our Partnership with Holy Chow

            This year, National Hillel Basketball Tournament is thrilled to be partnering with Holy
Chow. Holy Chow not only provides high-quality kosher Chinese food, but now also offers
middle eastern cuisine. Located in Silver Spring, MD, Holy Chow is conveniently located so that
they are able to deliver their food to numerous locations in the DMV area, one of which is the
University of Maryland’s Hillel. Holy Chow is also dedicated to accommodating dietary
needs/restrictions. They have created an environment in which their food products do not contain
MSG or nuts. Additionally, they have listed on their website gluten free options from their menu.
They also have vegetarian and vegan options to choose from, so no matter what your dietary
needs are, Holy Chow has many options for you.

            National Hillel Basketball Tournament is committed to providing both team members
and fans with high-quality kosher food throughout the weekend. Similarly, Holy Chow provides
customers with the same level of high-quality food. It is because of their dedication to providing
satisfying kosher meals that you can trust will be tailored to your needs that NHBT is excited to
be working with Holy Chow. If you would like to visit Holy Chow for an amazing dine-in
experience, they are located on 1331 Lamberton Drive, Silver Spring MD. To place a pick-up or
delivery order, you can reach them at 301-669-9064. Additionally, you can visit their website at