Our Partnership with Domain College Park

This year, National Hillel Basketball Tournament is thrilled to be partnering with Domain. Providing luxury apartments, Domain is a popular housing option among the UMD community. Each apartment has spacious bedrooms and a beautifully decorated kitchen with stainless steel appliances. In addition to the lavish living space each apartment provides, Domain has luxury amenities. Between the ability to sit by the pool and relax, grill food at your convenience, and work out at the 24-hour gym, you will always find yourself busy while living at the Domain. Another benefit of living at the Domain is its convenient location. Located down the road from University of Maryland’s Hillel and a short walk from both McKeldin Library and the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, Domain makes it easy to access the most popular places on UMD’s campus.

National Hillel Basketball Tournament is dedicated to providing all team members with awarm and comfortable environment while they are housed in a safe and clean space. Similarly, Domain provides that same environment to their residents. It is because of their commitment to making everyone feel at home that NHBT is excited to be working with an amazing apartment complex like Domain. If you or a friend/family member is interested in leasing at the domain, you can schedule a self-guided tour at https://www.udr.com/washington-dc-apartments/college-park/domain-college-park/.