Our partnership with Camp Nesher

        This year, the National Hillel Basketball Tournament is thrilled to be partnering with Camp Nesher. Located in Pennsylvania, Camp Nesher is an orthodox summer camp which emphasizes both the importance of learning Jewish values and engaging in typical camp-style activities. Camp Nesher offers a large variety of sports, water activities, adventure themed activities, and fitness options that campers can choose from. Between playing basketball, competing in water sports, navigating the ropes course, and participating in gymnastics, campers will always find themselves busy with enjoyable activities. Camp Nesher also has a Chinuch program where they teach campers essential Jewish values and integrate Torah studies into the camp curriculum.

        The  National Hillel Basketball Tournament is committed to bringing Jewish students together for an exciting and memorable weekend. Similarly, Camp Nesher brings Jewish campers together to embrace their Jewish values while enjoying the summer together. It is because of their dedication to gathering Jewish campers together that the National Hillel Basketball Tournament is excited to be working with Nesher. If you would like to learn more about Camp Nesher, you can visit them at https://campnesher.org/